Der OSTERMARATHON findet wieder am 02. – 05.04.2021 statt. 

Information und die Anmeldung folgen in Kürze.


Respekt! Ihr wart super! Gratulation zu euren Leistungen!

Ein ganz herzliches Dankeschön für über 100.000 gelaufene Kilometer und über 30.000 Euro Spenden.

How it works

The EASTER MARATHON 2020 has the most individual course in the world: yours. Find your favourite route, divide it into four sections and complete the marathon distance of 42.195 kilometres from Good Friday to Easter Monday. Very important: only run alone! only run alone

Our heroes

Those who are giving their eyeteeth right now could use all the support they can get. The net proceeds of all donations collected at the EASTER MARATHON 2020 will go 100% to the Bavarian Red Cross Munich. Bayerische Rote Kreuz München für die Beschaffung von Schutzausrüstung und zur Unterstützung der Pflegekräfte, der Rettungsdienstmitarbeiter und der ehrenamtlichen Helfer.

ostermarathon 2020

5 steps and you are there

Register right here and set your voluntary donation amount.

Choose routes and paths as you like and divide the marathon distance into individual stages on the Easter days. It's all in your hands! As long as you run alone and everything is tracked. Post pictures and videos of your run with #Ostermarathon2020 on social media.
Poste Bilder und Videos von deinem Lauf mit #Ostermarathon2020 auf Social Media.

Fill in your kilometers and the time via the link in your registration confirmation and complete the marathon distance until Easter Monday, 14.04.2020 at 10 pm. 

Mit deiner freiwilligen Spende supportest du das Bayerische Rote Kreuz München – eine wertvolle Unterstützung für wertvolle Arbeit.

Your participation will be honoured with a personal certificate for download.


Frequently Questions

How do I register?

The registration is free of charge and can be easily done online. Afterwards you will receive a link by e-mail, where you can enter the routes you have run. The registration is not limited and possible until Monday, 13 April 2020.

What do I have to consider before and during the run?

As different rules and restrictions have been set worldwide due to the current situation, you need to be informed in advance about what is allowed in your country or in your home town. Keep a minimum distance of 1.50 meters to others and run on your own. Participation is at your own risk and peril.

When does it start or until when do I have time to run my personal marathon?

The "starting signal" will be given on Good Friday, April 10, 2020 at 6 a.m. From then on you have four days to run a total of 42,195 km. If you want to join in later, you can of course do so at any time. The finish of the marathon is on Easter Monday, 13 April 2020 at midnight. If you finish your marathon earlier, well done!

How do I get my certificate?

Every participant can click on his name in the online participant list and download and print out the online certificate.

How can I track the route I have run?

You can track your run with all common running apps or with a GPS enabled watch. But of course this is not a must, if you know a measured route, you can also participate without a tracking record. More kilometers are of course also allowed. Afterwards you can enter the distance you have run and your time using the provided link.

Where does my donation go?

100% of the net proceeds of your donation will go to the Bavarian Red Cross Munich. The BRK uses the donations to buy urgently needed protective clothing. In addition, the nursing staff and rescue service employees are supported with our donations.

run for the heroes of the corona crises

You for you - all for the good

The initiators

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Email: info@ostermarathon2021.de
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